At Sharp Turn Products, our commitment to quality is a driving force behind our business. We are proud to announce that our management system has been found to conform to the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 standard. This ISO certification applies to Sharp Turn Products’ close tolerance specialty turned components.

The International Organization for Standardization is an independent, non-governmental, international organization that develops and publishes international standards in a variety of technical and nontechnical industries, including manufacturing, technology, IT, and healthcare. ISO certification is awarded to companies that adhere to the organization’s specific standards. There are many different ISO standards, each focusing on a particular area; ISO:9001, which deals with quality management systems, is the most well-known standard.

For companies to earn ISO certification, they must go through an auditing process conducted by an accredited certification body. If operations comply with the relevant ISO standard, they are awarded the certification.

For Sharp Turn Products, ISO 9001:2015 certification provides a framework for the implementation of quality management systems to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and ultimately lead to higher quality products. Streamlining processes will help us improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and better identify and mitigate risks.